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Years 6 and 5 visit Jodrell Bank

The children of years 6 and 5 had an amazing day out at Jodrell Bank...!

On Thursday, 27th September, Classes 5 and 6 went to Jodrell Bank.  We split into two groups and did different activities.  We went in an inflatable dome and a man showed us all the different stars and planets.  Then another man called Eric showed us around the games and puzzles that we could do.  I learnt that Earth is the only planet with an atmosphere.  Both classes really enjoyed it.

By Emily Isaac

Yesterday, on the 27th September, 2012, Years 5 and 6 got an amazing chance to go to Jodrell Bank.  Our topic in school is about space so that’s why we went.  When we went we did three workshops but one workshop wasn’t being led by anyone.  First we walked around and filled a sheet in.  After we went in the solar system workshop and did different activities.  After lunch we went in a big dark dome and he projected lots of constellations.  My favourite part of the trip was the planetarium.  I learnt that the diameter of the dish was 76 metres.

By Cerys Eddison

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