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Class 6 visit the Lake District

Driving down a road on Wednesday, 14th March, Class 6 were on their way to Longendale in the Peak District.

We were carrying out a river study as in class we were learning about the water cycle and rivers.  Everyone was chattering excitedly on the coach wondering what we were going to do. 

Suddenly the coach came to a halt 40 minutes later as we had arrived.  We spilled out on to the concrete, then Miss Price and the parent helpers ushered us along to the edge of the Peak District National Park

Although we had been reminded to bring wellies, some people had forgotten so those people put on some that were provided.  Once they had put their wellies on, a woman called Joan introduced herself and two other instructors, Andrew and Jeff.  She told us what we needed to know then we split into two groups.  My group headed towards the river but the other group looked at the features. 

Next we got into 3 smaller groups with a parent helper as a leader.  I was in a group with Helena, Sam, Jake, Aidan and myself with Mrs Robertson as our leader.  Andrew gave out the equipment which included a stopwatch, metre stick, a worksheet, tape measure and some bones dog biscuits!  We needed to use the dog biscuits and the stopwatch to time how fast the dog biscuits went down the river.  We used the metre stick and the tape measure to measure the width and depth. 

Later on, when everyone had come back to the Longendale Environmental Centre, we had lunch.  But it wasn’t the same as the lunch we have at school as we had to bring in as little packaging as possible.  It was called the Waste Challenge!  At the end Joan weighed all the rubbish and out of 340g it was only 140g.  How much rubbish do you think you would have to weigh? Katie Waterworth said “It was a good idea because it made you think more about waste”.   

After that Joan told us about rivers and different parts of them on a big map on the floor.  It was interesting to find out more about rivers.  But all too soon it was time to go and we climbed onto the coach.  Helena Searle said “It was a really fun activity and it was fascinating to learn about rivers”.   

That is what happened on Wednesday, 14th March at Longendale.

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