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Class 6 visit to Longendale Environmental Centre

On Wednesday, 14th March, Class 6 went on a fantastic trip to Longendale National Park in the Peak District.

The coach journey there was 40 minutes, but it felt like ages.  When we eventually got there, after the long journey, we were split into two groups.  Group 1 was Mrs Jackson’s group, Mrs Higgins’ group and Mrs Bailey’s group.

Group 2 was Mrs Robertson’s group, Mrs Healey’s group and    Mrs Lambe’s group.  Group 1 went to look at the amazing views of the valley, meanwhile Group 2 went to the beautiful river that flowed as fast as lightning.   

After Group 1 had walked for a bit, Joan, the woman with Group 1, got out of her rucksack a little jar full of river water and a tiny bit of sand.  Joan shook it to show and tell us about erosion.  It was very interesting.

After we did the erosion work we went in the freezing cold river.  Niamh Dignam said “It was so fun in the river, but unfortunately it was very cold as well”.  In the river we measured the width, the depth, and the speed.  Then we walked back to the coach to the Environmental Centre.

At the Centre with Group 1 and 2 we ate our almost waste free lunch, almost as we had 140grams of waste.  Then we did some activities on a map and of a water cycle.  Mia exclaimed “The afternoon was really fun, but also hard

Lunchtime was not as easy as it could be as you had to have less than 10 grams per person to win a certificate.  We were successful!  I wonder if Class 5 will be successful next year?

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