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Barclays Bank Workshop

Barclays bank ran a fantastic workshop for Year5 and gave a great insight into the world of work in a manner which was appropriate to the age group.

On Thursday, 22nd November, Barclays Bank came into Year 5 to talk about what it is like to work in a bank and what skills you would need to have to work there.  They also brought in some activities that the children had to complete.  The children talked about what jobs that they wanted to get and what skills you would need to have to be able to get that job.

By Jonah Wasilewski - Year 5


On the 22nd of November, Barclays Bank came into Years 5 and 6 to tell them about what they do.  They did many activities on sheets including a house which had different rooms that they labelled what you spend on your house and the things inside.  It made us think about what our parents spend and an idea of how much it adds up to.  The staff talked to a separate group each about their job and what they had to do.

By Lily Wasilewska – Year 5


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