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PTA News 12/10/12

News from the PTA meeting


Thank you to all who attended the PTA meeting on Tuesday. Mrs Hooper gave us a presentation on the Egerton Partnership and I think most people who attended left having learnt a lot about what the partnership with Njoro School in Kenya means to our children. The challenge now is working out how we can support the relationship whilst continuing with our existing commitments. The completion of the junior playground is still very much our focus. If you have any thoughts about how we as a PTA might support this programme then please email me on

The next PTA meeting is on Tuesday 20th November at 7.00pm and we have our first Christmas Fair planning meeting on Monday at 7.30PM in the Angel.

If you can’t make the fair meeting but want to help then email us at the PTA address.

Happy Beetling on Sunday!

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