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Punctuality and Attendance - Update

Parents, please read

As you know the school monitors punctuality and attendance and our registers are audited on a no notice basis by the Education Welfare Service. In the Autumn and Spring terms attendance and punctuality were good. However, in the two weeks running up to Easter and this week there has been a noticeable number of children arriving at school late. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure their children arrive at school in time for the whistle at 8.55am. This means that they enter school with their friends and are registered as present and they experience the start of the day with their class. This social time is very important for children. If you arrive at school after 9am then children must be brought to the main entrance by an adult. They will receive a late mark on the register and join their class after the lesson has started – this is valuable learning time lost.

 It is the legal responsibility of all parents and carers to ensure their children are in school every day in term time unless they are too ill to attend school or there are exceptional circumstances. Absence must be reported to school by 9.30am on the first day of absence and followed up with a written letter of explanation upon return to school of the child. Children cannot be picked up from school early unless they have a medical appointment. Every effort should be made to make these appointments out of the school day.

 Holidays should not be taken during the school term as this significantly disrupts a child’s education. Authorised absence will only be granted with proof of exceptional circumstances in writing. Only one request will ever be considered in an academic year and will not be authorised if a child’s overall attendance is below 90%.

 I will be writing to parents if the punctuality or attendance of their children becomes a concern.

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