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Road Safety

Road Safety campaign continues

PCSO Greg Bithell and a new PCSO for Knutsford visited school yesterday afternoon. They talked to all of the children in assembly about the importance of road safety. As you know I wrote about this in my newsletter just recently. Greg talked to the children about the importance of: Stop, Look and Listen as the basis of good road safety. The children were brilliant! They all listened respectfully and were eager to answer Greg's questions. He was very impressed!

Greg reported on a Year 7 girl crossing Toft Road when the traffic lights had turned red but the 'red man' was still showing and a car came along in the outside lane through a red light and hit her. Thankfully she sustained minor injuries but it is a stark reminder of how busy and dangerous the roads in Knutsford can be. Please continue to talk to your children about this and to encourage great vigilance when crossing roads.

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