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Egerton School and the Knutsford Town Plan

Response to the plan shared in the local press.

You may have seen the front page of the Knutsford Guardian this week, which shows the `conceptual plan’ by Tatton Estates Management and Crown Estates for the North West of Knutsford. This shows a `potential school’, and in the article the potential relocating of Egerton Primary is mentioned.

There has already been a lot of discussion in the town about the possible relocation of Egerton. Since the publication of the draft Knutsford town strategy last year, there have been rumours that we are to be relocated, with our current site to be used for a car park, shops, housing, or even a new medical centre.

Given the level of challenge regarding school places in the town last year and the difficulties Egerton faced regarding the delay of the modular building I felt it was important to write to you about this issue. It is clear that the number of children in Knutsford is growing and consequently this results in pressure regarding school places. It is proposed to introduce new housing into the town too. Upon my request the Local Authority and local Headteachers met in October and again in December to discuss the issues of the whole locality. You may be aware that Mobberley Primary School is consulting on increasing their Permitted Admission Number to 30.

I requested a further meeting this term to continue these discussions. This date has yet to be set. In summary the possible relocation of Egerton has been ‘talked about’ as a possible solution at local meetings but one that has most certainly not been formalised.

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