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Road Safety

Important Notice - keeping your children safe.

Enabling the children to know how to keep themselves safe is a high priority at this school. Road safety is just one aspect of this, hence the school’s drive to reduce the amount of parking at the start and end of a school day. I had a parent come to me yesterday morning to share a telling story. She had been crossing the road at the traffic lights opposite Simon Boyd. A man decided to cross when the red man was showing. Two small children, not thought to be Egerton children, followed him. They were not with this man but had copied his behaviour and a near miss was only just averted. In assembly yesterday I talked to the children about this incident and stressed the need for them to do the right thing and stay close to their adults and follow the safety rules regarding crossing roads.

It is important that the children are aware that adults do not always act appropriately and that they should continue to always do what they know to be right and be praised for it. Please follow this up by discussing this further with your children.

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