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Excitement about online mathematical challenges...

A few weeks ago we launched Mathletics with the children in Years 1 to 6.  This has caused a lot of excitement amongst the children and some children are clearly enjoying taking on the Mathematical Challenges.

While your child will continue to be able to use the Mathletics website as frequently as you decide is appropriate at home, your child's class teacher will state in your child's Homework Diary if they are expected to complete any specific activities - and these will appear when your child logs in.  The website is also used in school, as part of your child's Math's lesson, so even when your child is not set a homework task it is very likely that they will be using Mathletics in school.  In fact, this is predominantly how the resource will be utilised for the children in Years 1 and 2 - in school.

We certainly do not want to discourage any child who has the ambition to accumulate the most points that they possibly can each week - or to even make it into the Top 100 Pupils by amassing a huge points score.  However, any child who is able to score 1000 points in a week (which will earn them a Bronze Certificate), or who beats their score from the previous week, is using the website as much as we, as a school, would want.  Our aim is for the children to enjoy using Mathletics, learn from the experience and hopefully secure their understanding of some of the most tricky mathematical concepts by revisiting them regularly at home.  Equally, as you may have grasped, there is a big focus on mental maths skills - and your child will develop greater number confidence if they visit and use the online resources regularly at home.

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