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Swimming Lessons - Updated for years 3 & 5

Please read for more information about the swimming lesson changes for Year 5 and Year 3.

Next week will be the final swimming session for the children in Year 5; as, after half term, the children in Year 3 will start their swimming lessons.   (The arrangements for the children in Year 4 will remain the same - and they will continue to swim for the whole year!)

Starting on Tuesday, 26th February, the children in Year 3 will need to arrive and be registered at Knutsford Leisure Centre between 8:40am and 8:45am, where they will be met by Mr Hilldrup, Mr Talbot and Mrs Newton.  They will need a swimming costume and a towel packed in a separate bag (so when these get packed away afterwards, wet, they do not damage any of their books that they may also need to bring to school).  Their swimming lesson will last for 30 minutes - from 8:50am to 9:20am - after which, they will walk back to school.

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