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Ofsted visit Egerton!

We had already a busy week planned at Egerton so the timing of this inspection could not have been better!

The Ofsted team asked me to share two statements with the school community: 

  • The children at Egerton are delightful. They are very polite, open and honest and talk enthusiastically about their school, especially the curriculum and their partner school in Kenya. 

  • Every member of staff is ambitious for every child. 

The outcomes of the inspection are confidential until the final report is published which will be in around 4 weeks times. This will be shared with you all then.  

Thank you to you all for sharing your views regarding the school. The lead inspector told me that in reading the questionnaires and talking to many of you it is clear that we are blessed with amazing parents providing amazing support for our school. Needless to say I did not disagree with him!

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