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World Book Night 2012

World Book Night is an annual event where volunteers apply to be givers of books.

Each year 100 books are shortlisted and one million copies of the top 25 titles are given away.  

The volunteer givers apply for 24 copies of one of the titles to give as a gift to someone who might not choose to read the book, to try and encourage them to read it. 

This year, one of the Year 6 mums, Joanne Wooler, applied to be a giver and successfully received copies of the book “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson. This is the true story of the events of a mountaineering expedition in South America and the extraordinary tale of one man’s struggle to survive against all odds.  

Joanne has chosen to give a copy of the book to all of the year 6 students. Although it is a book written for adults, it is an incredible tale of never giving up in the face of adversity and having read the book to her own son, who was riveted, she wanted to share it’s message with the rest of the children as they move on to face new challenges in High School. Some of the children may be happy to read the book themselves, but it is a great book to share with mum or dad. 

The idea behind World Book Night, is that the book is read and then PASSED ON as a gift to another person. Each book has a unique number inside the front cover so that you can track it’s journey on line at When you have read the book, go online and input the books unique number (all the books are already registered) and say where you got the book, what you thought of it and what you have done with it.  

The children can track any of the books shared amongst year 6, as the numbers range from: 357-10717249  to: 357-10717272. Please don’t leave it on your bookshelf – pass it on and see how far it travels over the years!

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