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Improving behaviour

School rules

Although the vast majority of our pupils never, or very rarely, get their name on the board according to our behaviour policy, a small number of children are causing low level disruption in lessons and school assemblies by repeatedly misbehaving, so it has been decided to tighten up this system. 

From now on, if a child misbehaves their name will be written on the board and they will miss 5 minutes of the next breaktime (so their inappropriate behaviour can be discussed with them).

Should they continue to misbehave they will get a tick against their name and be asked to complete their work in a different classroom.  Should they break one of our school rules again, a second tick is placed against their name and they will be sent to Mrs Hooper (or Mr Hilldrup) who will contact the child's parents/carers to ensure the inappropriate behaviour does not persist 

 At the end of the day, the names are rubbed off and every child gets a fresh start at the beginning of the following day! 

 Our School Rules are: 

1.  We are welcoming, friendly and helpful. 

2.  We are kind and gentle. 

3.  We listen and respect other people's ideas (when they are talking). 

4.  We work hard. 

5.  We respect our own and other people's property. 

6.  We are honest... we don't cover up the truth! 

  Although this change will not affect the vast majority of our pupils - who are very well behaved, courteous and work hard in lessons, we thought that it was important to explain this change in policy to all of our parents.

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