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The PTA meeting this week was brilliant!

The core team is committed to giving of their time, skills and energy in providing enriching activities for the families of Egerton. A fantastic example of this was the Beetle Drive on Sunday! A great deal of fun was had by all. Another Beetle Drive is planned as the first PTA event of the year in October. This will be a great way to start the year and welcome new families to our school. 

At the PTA meeting I asked the parents about their views regarding the school newsletter. It is clear that many parents are not accessing it through e mail due to it becoming ‘lost’ in very full in boxes or because it may be sent to work e mail addresses and become lost there. It is also very difficult to open an attachment on mobile phones if e mails are being accessed in this way. The newsletter contains important information about coming events, key information and dates as well as achievements to celebrate. An idea to ‘embed’ the newsletter in the e mail rather than be sent as an attachment was shared. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the system being linked to SIMS – the electronic records of the children. 

If you would prefer a hard copy rather than an e mail please inform the office staff. 

If at any time there is an appeal for volunteers, such as the Olympic torch you are very welcome to email school with your offer on: 

Permission for children taking part in a visit out of school or after school club would still require a signature. 

I would really welcome your views on this and how we can improve communication. 

Could you check that the newsletter is being sent to the correct e mail address? If this is not the case please inform the school office.

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