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World’s Biggest Assembly!

On Tuesday of this week we took part in the ‘World’s Biggest Assembly’!

This is an initiative created by the BBC World Service. Children across the world were challenge to answer the simple question; What is important to you?  

The children’s thoughts were: 

The first suggestion was our school badge - which is a lion.  It is important to us because it belongs to us and will stay with us forever!  When we look at it we feel proud - as we all belong to the same 'team' - and it will help us to remember all of the people who have helped us (before we go to high school) and what a great education we have had for the future. 

Other suggestions included: Making sure that people don't take advantage of other humans who are poorer than they are; Making sure people don't take the things that they do have for granted (like clothes and a home) as there are lots of other people around the world who may not have these things; Doing everything we can to make sure that we live in a peaceful world so that nobody needs to worry about the effects of war; Recognising how important it is for everybody to have friends and a family who they can talk to and who will look after them if they are ever ill or lonely; The right for everybody around the world to have an education so that they can get a job in the future to earn the things we need to live a long and happy life. 

The two most important things for us were: 

1.   How important it is for children all over the world to have FUN!  "Can you imagine what it would be like to have a life without fun?  It would be awful and you would be the saddest person on earth!" 

2.  How important television and the internet is - as it allows us to find out what the lives of other people around the world is really like.  "We would never know that people older than us had grown up and never had or worn a pair of shoes... or how important that things we take for granted are to other people in different countries." 

It was a fascinating day and has made us think about other people as well as ourselves! 

You can find out more by looking at their web site - as we did in assembly this morning! 


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