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Maths Workshop for Parents!

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Maths Workshop on Wednesday evening! 

Both workshops were designed to address some of the most important aspects of the maths curriculum and to explain some of the words that we use with the children throughout the school, such as 'partitioning', 'numberlines', 'number sentences' and 'arrays'. 

It is always a challenge to decide what the focus of such evenings should be - as it would take hours (if not days) to cover all aspects of mathematics!  However, by helping you to understand how maths is taught in schools today (and why), we hope that you will be able to support your child better to become a more confident and competent mathematicians at home.

There are also lots of fun games that can be played while you are out walking with your child(ren) or driving in the car that will help them to develop their mental arithmetic and processing skills!  These workshops were very different from the ones that we ran two years ago; and were planned based on the feedback that the parents who attended these workshops had provided (plus additional comments that parents have made about maths during Parents' Evenings and on Parent Questionnaires since then).  

At the end of both workshops, those parents who were able to attend were asked to complete a short evaluation form.  We will be using these to consider how we can best provide you with the knowledge, skills and understanding that you requested further information on. 


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