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As many of you already appreciate the local police are committed to reducing the levels of parking outside the Knutsford schools.

On Wednesday this week there was a police presence outside every school at the end of that day. Police officers spoke directly to parents regarding this issue. The parking outside of Egerton is now a very serious issue and it is important that we all commit to reducing this. 

Of particular concern is: 

  • The sheer number of cars resulting in cars parked on both sides of the street resulting in children and adults crossing between parked cars. 

  • Cars parked right on the junction 

  • Cars parked across the access of our neighbours 

  • Cars parked at dangerous angles 

  • A significant number of cars manoeuvring is resulting in a higher risk of accidents 

The emergency services need to be able to gain access to all of the properties on this street at ALL times. Currently, this is not possible. The police and traffic enforcement officers will be carrying out spot checks. Please do not park on this street.

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