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As I reported in my previous newsletter my first assembly with the children focused on respect and this was followed up in the classrooms by the teachers.

Since then I have had many parents coming to me to check the details of my assembly as their children were talking about it at home! To help the children to appreciate what respect means I focused on the letters of the word as follows: 

Rules – in life it is important that we set ourselves rules to live by such as always calling someone by their given name, saying please and thank you appropriately and always being willing to share. 

Everyone – this includes adults as well as children! 

School – Egerton is our second home – respect should be consistent wherever we are 

Pride – achievements are to be celebrated and shared 

Earn – respect cannot be expected, it has to be earned 

Care – at Egerton we care about each other 

Together – we spend our days together, learning and having fun 

I have been very clear with the children that respect is something that makes them a good person and should be practised every day in every way, both at home, in school and wherever the children go and whoever they come into contact with.

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