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Our story so far...

Egerton Primary Schools’ Partnership  

In assembly this week I began to tell the story of our partnership with Egerton Primary School in Kenya and will continue this over the next two weeks. This is a story the Reception children will be hearing for the first time. To enable you to discuss this unique history with your children I have produced a brief summary below:


Both schools were founded by the Egerton family of Tatton Park; our school in 1893 by Lord William Egerton and the other in 1939 in Njoro, Kenya by Lord Maurice Egerton. Our partnership was established in 2005 when both schools discovered each other by chance. Sam Youd, the then Head gardener of Tatton Park and now Governor of Egerton, was planning a visit to Maurice Egerton’s Castle in Nakuru when Egerton Primary School was mentioned as a school he had founded. I urged Sam to visit the school and talk to the Headteacher with regard to forming a partnership. He returned with the news that the school were eager to do this. To celebrate the discovery of these ‘sister schools’, Sam proposed that a garden be designed for the 2006 RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park. All of the children in our school visited Tatton to learn about this philanthropic family and produced drawings to help Sam design the garden. The garden was known as ‘Into Africa’ and was awarded a prestigious gold medal!

In June 2006, I visited the Egerton School in Kenya. This face to face contact enabled Mrs Kimani, the Headteacher, and I along with her staff to work together and develop a strong vision and partnership agreement based upon the following three aspects:

  • Equity
  • Global Curriculum
  • Sustainability

We have been successful in securing grants from DFID and The British Council for the past five years. Indeed, our partnership has been upheld by these two organisations as an example of outstanding practice. Both schools have been involved in extensive research into the impact of a Global School Partnership and have featured in many published articles, presentations and toolkits to support other schools.

The Egerton Partnership has been instrumental in bringing together many more schools to form partnerships between Cheshire Schools and those in the Njoro and Nakuru districts of Kenya. Mrs Kimani and I now lead for our Local Authorities on the GSP programme and have been involved in offering training and on-going support to new partnerships. Our work has resulted in 33 new partnerships being formed involving more than 10,000 children!

Both Egerton schools now have a strong and equitable partnership. Our established practice continues to have a positive and significant impact upon our children, enabling them to fully appreciate and experience the true meaning of being a global citizen through a real and meaningful curriculum. A global dimension is firmly embedded into the curriculum of both schools and is used to deliver an international curriculum. This is one strong aspect of our practice which influenced our school being awarded the International Schools Award for the second time.

Christmas in Kenya

The schools in Kenya work to a calendar year and have their longest break at this time, hence they break for Christmas on 23 November. The children in our school have been contributing to a giant Christmas card to send to their friends at Egerton in Kenya along with lots of photographs too. The PTA is sending some of our amazing tea towels as a gift from the parents too!



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