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Message from Joseph and Lilian

We would like to register our appreciation to the teachers, parents, children and the non-teaching staff of Egerton Primary School, Knutsford for their ward welcome and hospitality during our visit to the link partner.

The link has been of great help to us both in learning and teaching.  The teachers in our school appreciate the exchange of ideas and skills which have made them become better teachers. 

Since the introduction of the link partnership our children’s attitude to learning has improved and this is indicated in the rise of the school enrolment from 500 children to 920.  The exchange programme has been of benefit to the children as they exchange work on different themes every year.  They learn a lot from each other.  For example, food, sports, culture, landscapes, etc. 

Egerton in Kenya has acquired a lot through children’s involvement in physical activities and computer technology which were minimal before the link started. 

We would like to thank all that were involved in the formation of the link. 

We look forward to do all within our reach to sustain the link; the establishment of the school link  

shops by the two schools is a step towards sustainability. 

Once again we say thank you very much “Asante Sana”. 

God bless you. 

Lillian and Jospeh

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