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Egerton Link Shop

The children of both Egerton Primary Schools - here and in Kenya - are passionate about their partnership.

For the past 5 years we have been very fortunate to have gained funding from the British Council to enable exchange visits to take place... and bring our schools closer together.

We are now faced with the challenge of sustaining our partnership by working together; and it was suggested by the children in Njoro to have a school shop in both schools (with any profit pooled to keep our partnership growing).

Our children thought this was a great idea... and the Egerton Link Shop will open next week! 

All of the children in our school have completed a questionnaire - designed by a small team of pupils - about what should be stocked in the school shop.  Following this a range of stationery - pens, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and books - have been purchased and will be sold at prices ranging from 20p to £1 (although the majority of products can be bought for 55p or less)!  

The shop will be open at break times on Tuesday and Thursday in the school hall - for any children who wish to purchase any of these items.

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