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Coeliac Awareness Week

Gut Feeling Week - Assembly, baking and cakes for all

On Monday the children will be treated to a very special assembly led by Lottie Farber-Evans mum and Katie Dexter’s mum. Both girls have been diagnosed as coeliacs and would like to raise awareness regarding this to help other children to understand what it means to them. Coeliac sufferers can go undiagnosed for years simply due to a lack of awareness of the symptoms. It can be very easily managed to enable people to lead a full and healthy life.

These committed mums will be doing some gluten free baking with Class 3 on Thursday afternoon. A cake stall will be held during morning playtime to enable the children to taste gluten free cakes. All cakes will be 20p and all money raised will go to the national charity Coeliac UK.

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