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School Garden Update

Your School Garden needs you!!

 I hope you managed to find time to look at the plans for the school garden when these were displayed out on the playground after school on Wednesday.  The job of transforming the area allocated for the school garden over the coming months will predominantly be carried out by Richard Jones (Phoebe's dad) and we are looking for a team of adults who could help construct the planters etc on the weekends at the beginning and the end of the forthcoming half term.  Children have also been invited on the final day - once all the machinery and tools have been used and tidied away - to ferry the soil from the large mound in the old school garden to its new home. Further details are included in the PTA News section.

Members of the PTA will be out in the playground again on Friday, 10th May seeking more volunteers so if you are able to lend a hand - even if it is just for an hour or two - please sign up.  Thank You! 

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