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Image Musical Theatre Visit

Yesterday the children in Years 2-6 were treated to an outstanding performance of Tom's Midnight Garden by the Image Musical Theatre.

Three actors - Simon, Alvin and Rachel - spent the first session teaching the children various warm up exercises for their bodies and their vocal chords.  You may wish to ask you child to show you their funny face whilst they say/sing 'lasagne'!  They also supported 9 children (who had been selected to take part) to learn their parts; whilst the rest of us learnt some of the songs that would be used during the performance.  These were: Thirteen, Child of Our Own, Skating and Take Part In The Adventure. 

After a short break, the performance started and we were treated to an hour long spectacular!  The quality of the acting, singing, costumes and scenery was superb... and the children were gripped throughout!

 The three main charcaters were Tom, Aunt Gwen and Uncle Alan.  However, the actors played many other roles - with extras being played by a couple of children from each of the classes.

 The final song included the lyrics:

Take part in the adventure

Make the most of each new day

Time's a gift that's so precious

Don't let it slip away!

 This summarised the underlying message in the play.  We should all make the most of the time that we have by having fun; and enjoy life!  That's certainly what the staff and children did yesterday!

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