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National Down's Awareness Campaign

Appreciating and celebrating diversity.

This is important to us at Egerton. We are all undoubtedly different in shape, size, talents, skills, interests, backgrounds and needs. The list is almost endless and that is what makes life so rich and interesting! It is vital that we support our children to appreciate this.

On Thursday, 21st March we will be celebrating National Downs Syndrome Day. This is an opportunity for us all to learn more about Downs so that we can share this message with others. Across the country adults and children will be wearing odd socks and donating whatever amount of money they wish. At Egerton any money collected will be split equally between the National and International Downs Associations. In the developing world children with Downs are very often treated appallingly. However, International Downs Assoc. are working tirelessly to change this. In my work with Kenyan schools I have seen really strong inclusive practice despite a depressing national picture. On Monday, 18th March the Downs Association will be leading assembly to prepare us for our special celebration. Please talk to your children about this.

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